Navoyan Shant

August 7, 2021 by admin
When I first saw Yerablur after this last war, the first thing that caught my attention was a tomb with a teddy bear next to it, and a postcard next to the stone, where the little sister wrote a letter about how proud she was of her soldier brother, how impatient is waiting for his return … Navoyan was Shant’s grave … 2001 Shant was born on December 14. He served in Kapan. He was an artilleryman. During the war he had fought in Jrakan. On October 10, when a ceasefire was declared for the first time, but the enemy did not keep it, Shant was killed by a drone strike together with 8 of his friends … Before that, he had avoided death several times and made a note about one of them in his notebook. “… the explosion silenced him for a moment. I threw myself on the ground and started shouting the names of the guys to make sure everyone was fine. All four were good. I looked around, everything was the same, there was no pomegranate alone. The projectile fell straight on the tent and dusted it. Now smoke and smoke were rising in its place. I had the impression that I had lost a friend. I walked into hiding, sat down on the ground, and began to wipe the sweet red from my face. The first bullet fired in my direction hit the pomegranate. ” At the age of 16-17, Shant wrote: “When the light dies, we will calmly wait for his birth through the darkness, we will become the light, so that when it is needed, we can reach it, without asking what or what.” Shant and thousands of boys died to dispel the darkness. They did not ask what or what, they were just light, they became light. And we did not deserve their sacrifice. Shant Navoyan was 18 years old.