David Yakovlev

August 7, 2021 by admin
At the age of 13-14, David Yakovlev was already the leader of one of the winning teams in the Tumo robotics course. Before graduating from school, he had successfully completed a special course at the Microsoft Innovation Center, where he was the only teenager. In 2019, David graduated from the School of Physics and Mathematics with high progress and entered the American University of Armenia with the highest scores in mathematics. But he decides for himself that it is better for an IT specialist to study at the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of Yerevan State University, after which he will be able to continue his education in one of the best universities in the world, and then return to his homeland. In June David is admitted to YSU, and in July he is drafted into the army. During the war in Martuni, in Shekher, the Armenian side was preparing for a top secret special operation. David knew about it, he decided to participate voluntarily. The friend asks not to go. David says ․ “I know that there is a need for good calculation there. I really need the boys there … ” He has been in Shekher since October 19. Thanks to his brilliant mathematical knowledge and accurate calculations, the enemy’s targets were infallibly hit. It does not go unnoticed by the Turks. On October 26, David and 11 of his friends and commander were killed in a bunker. June 18 was David’s birthday. He would be 20 years old … Your memory is vivid, dear David.