David Arushanyan

August 7, 2021 by admin
Let me tell you about an Armenian born and raised in Yerevan, who loved Artsakh so much that he served as an officer in Artsakh from the age of 20 until he defended his homeland to the last breath. Major David Arushanyan. From May 24, Artsakh hero Davit Nikolay Arushanyan. You have all heard about his heroic story during the war. I will present briefly, and in more detail, in the report. (I will post in the comments). During the first days of the war, the commander of the motorized rifle battalion, Major Davit Arushanyan, left Ivanyan (Khojalu) for “Yeghnikner” to help Kyokh. Near Aregasar or as they say, “Chorrord Post” they are fighting with a large number of enemy troops. Disobeying the retreat order, Davit Arushanyan and his staff damaged more than 4 enemy armored vehicles and caused a large number of manpower losses. After his enemy vehicle was hit and wounded, David left the damaged BMP, entered another BMP and continued the fight until the last projectile. After consuming the ammunition of the 2nd BMP, he does not leave the battlefield in a wounded state, but enters the 3rd BMP, bravely continues the fight until his last breath … David Nikolay Arushanyan, Artyom Armen Gorgyan, Hovik Hovhannes Asatryan, Aren Avag Chobanyan. These are the names of the heroes of the crew who prevented the enemy from advancing that day. People will weave legends about the heroic heroism of these Armenians for centuries, and Major David Arushanyan will become the Armenian officer by whose example future generations will be brought up. Each time you are told how some cowardly officers were fleeing the battlefield, tell them the story of Major Arushanyan. Show them this picture and this look. It was with this look that the Armenian officers and soldiers made the Turkish mother cry. This is the real image of an Armenian officer and soldier. David was 31 years old. P.S The picture was taken by Semyon Pegov during the war