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Here you can find the most interesting, most important and the nicest articles about Armenia, Armenian nation and culture. Each week we are going to have new posts to help you to discover new facts about Armenia and to dispel the longing for those who are far from Armenia.

Before you will read our posts, I would like to introduce ourselves.
Armenian Hero is a licensed and operating charitable organization since 2013. Our staff has existed and acted for years out of love for Armenia. Overcoming many difficulties and hardships, helping the Armenians of Armenia and exalting Armenia’s name we have created this new platform, where Armenians from different parts of the world who value their contribution to the history of Armenia can join.

As you saw our main goal is to help Armenia and Armenians through donations. And yes, we live those times when we can only be helped by us. Our only help are God and our united and compassionate heart.

The donations are transparent, you can clearly see where and how was used your every input.

We work with various and large organizations of Armenia, and through their help we can implement many programs.
We’re happy to get acquainted to you, and we’re grateful that you visited our website and and been interested in us.
I’m sure together we can change a history.

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When I first saw Yerablur after this last war, the first thing that caught my attention was a tomb with a teddy bear next to it, and a postcard next to the stone, where the little sister wrote a letter about how proud she was of her soldier brother, how impatient is waiting for his […]

As much as I could I tried to find the childhood photos of the dead boys. Many of these pictures are 10-12 years old, for parents – a moment. For us, they are hero boys, who without hesitation gave their most precious thing for the homeland, for their parents, they remained children forever. Yesterday’s children […]

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