Artashes Martirosyan

August 7, 2021 by admin
Many people know about Artashes. He was drafted into the army on July 19, 2020. Artashes Martirosyan was a soldier for 2 months when the war started. This boy from Kajaran died on the 100th day of his service. Having served in the army for only 3 months, he knew his D-20 cannon better than many, he was braver and more fearless than many, so he died while performing the combat mission. The enemy, who outnumbered us several times in number and resources, was so terrified by a recruit like Artashes that he was targeted with 2 ats at once, so that suddenly he would not survive … When the strong came out weak, when the brave trembled, the weak showed themselves strong. When some experienced officers and soldiers fled the battlefield, Artashes and hundreds of recruits like him roared and fought against the Turks. They lived for 18 years, served in the army for only a few months, but were so heroically outcasts that their exploits will be talked about for decades to come. They left us a message. to love the homeland so much that you do not even spare your own life to protect it. Artashes was 18 years old …